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Space Set Up and Infra-structural services for congresses

Special stands

Additional furnishings

Digital and offset printing solutions


Space Set Up and Infra-structural services for congresses
Special Stands
Additional furnishings
Digital and Offset Printing Solutions

About Us

As Sedef Group, we believe that each customer is special by its own. 

Sedef Group that has been offering tailor made solutions to the requirements of its clients since 1996, provides comprehensive services for stand installments for the fairs and trade shows, organized both internationally and domestically, stand packages, special stands, congress infrastructures, additional furnishings and digital printing with its young and dynamic team.

Understanding the expectations by establishing relationships with our clients in scope of the “solution partnership in projects” and providing high quality products and services to our project partners are our main goals.
We have carried our accumulated knowledge to this day with the experience that we have gained from all domestic and international organizations that we have served since 1996. By combining the core values that shave shaped us to what we are with the modern technology, we became even more stronger.


We are a family.

    We acknowledge that people stand at the heart of the success that we reached. We underline that with the skilled workforce, the work safety comes first. We all share a team spirit that is disciplined and undertakes each and all tasks in a flawless manner.


    Each new project is a challenge that increases the experience of our team. By following the developments within the sector closely and by constantly improving ourselves, we have become one of the companies that have influence in the International stage.


    Our departments of management and design, our production facility, our storage units as well as our expert team are all ready to provide you non stop services in the area of exhibitions, congress and organizations.


    Thanks to the creative and flexible solutions that are generated by our research department, we shape the future of exhibition business.

We deal business to the entire world.

Countless exhibitions and organizations both in Turkey and in the world


At the business centers of the new world; we are the solution partners in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas ve Orlando.


We are the solution partners in individual or collective participation as well in national pavilion organizations.


We are the solution partners of the associations and unions for international attendances


We are the solution partners of the international companies in all regional organizations.


We are the solution partners in terms of the special stands, tailor made for the clients with design and quality aspects.


We are the solution partners in national and international fairs, congresses and all kinds of events.

Why Sedef Group?

Sedef Group is the only institution that offers complete service coverage in its sector.


The trust that we receive from the companies that we offer our services is our greatest source of motivation.


With our colloquies, who mastered their jobs, we manifest our distinctiveness in our sector.


Thanks to our innovative services with broad coverage, we constantly create added value to our clients.

Our Product and Services Range

Our Client Testimonies

Dr. Holger Karutz

It was a pleasure working with you during the organization of the International 2013 BIBM Congress, taking place in the Grand Cevahir Hotel in Istanbul. We very much appreciated your constant presence during booth erection and the event, too, so every problem (and there were only very few) could be sorted out immediately on the spot – great job!
Thank you very much,

Dr. Holger KarutzManaging PartnerAd-Media GMBH
Harika Gündem

I would like to thank you all for your efforts, endevaour and friendliness that you presented before and during the entire trade show. I also feel the debt of gratitude to those who contributed to our case. As a new recruit to Lectra, thanks to the assistance you provided in my very first organization, we experienced a quite successful event at all. With my hopes to carry on this association that began with the exhibition to even better jobs after being solidified with firndship.

Harika GündemCorporate CommunicationsLectra
Andrew Walker

Thank you to Sedef Grup and team for your high level of service and professionalism. The final result was outstanding.

Andrew WalkerManager, EventsMpi
Mehmet Şirin Gegez

In 2010, we learned how to organize an event in sector with highly harsh environment, from you. And now, thanks to your solution based partnership, even our organizations became the talk of the town in international respect. Afterwards, we began conducting events abroad with you. Endless thanks to all Sedef employees, who undertake their jobs with the most diligent manner.

Mehmet Şirin GegezTrade Manager, Non-Medicine Health ProductsHedef Alliance
Arzu Eroğlu

As USM Rotaforte, since the earliest years that we began working together; you have always been our solution partner, who turned working in association to a pleasure due to your customer satisfaction oriented approach. For your professional manner even in the hardest of conditions and your fast and complete service quality, we would like to thank you and hope to have this beautiful relationship for years to come.

Arzu EroğluOperations ManagerUBM
Aniela Russeva

It was a pleasure working with you during the organization of the Global Webit Congress 2013 taking place in the Halic Congress centre in Istanbul. We very much appreciated your constant presence during booth erection and the event, too, so every problem (and there were only very few) could be sorted out immediately on the spot – great job! Personally Suheyla was the one who was really responsive all the time and we felt very comfortable and confident that all will be executed the best possible way all the time during our mutual collaboration! Thank you very much,

Aniela RussevaSVP Business DevelopmentWebit Congress

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