About Us

With its young and dynamic team, Sedef Group who has been offering tailor made solutions to the needs of its clients since 1996; provides services in a complete manner for all events, organized domestically and internationally.

Sedef Fuar, who offers a wide range of services from the set up works for the fair grounds to the installations of the special booths, from country pavilions to the direction signs, from the stage and runways to the digital printing business, merged with Mosem Ltd, who possesses a significant experience of its own, and was subsequently renamed as “Sedef Group” Now it carries out its business activities in Sedef Plaza in order to offer you the best possible services.

We conduct our activities as Sedef Group within a 10.000 sqm closed space area with app. a hundred of our broad and professional staff. In order for our client to host their guests with success, we create and form the best products and services, subsequently becoming their solution partner.


We acknowledge that people stand at the heart of the success that we reached. We underline that with the skilled workforce, the work safety comes first. We all share a team spirit that is disciplined and undertakes each and all tasks in a flawless manner.


Each new project is a challenge that increases the experience of our team. By following the developments within the sector closely and by constantly improving ourselves, we have become one of the companies that have influence in the International stage.


Our departments of management and design, our production facility, our storage units as well as our expert team are all ready to provide you non stop services in the area of exhibitions, congress and organizations.


Thanks to the creative and flexible solutions that are generated by our research department, we shape the future of exhibition business.